Sui x KuCoin Labs
Summer Hackathon

Registration Period: May 29th - July 5th
Shortlisting Period: June 5th - July 12th
Demo Day: July 19th @ Online and Sui Paris Builder House
Total Prize Pool: $285,000 USD


  • The Sui Foundation and KuCoin Labs are co-hosting the first official global online hackathon on the Sui Network, following its successful mainnet launch
  • There will be three main stages for the event: registration, shortlisting, and the demo day
  • The hackathon format will be primarily online, while the demo day will be online + offline
  • Join the demo day on-site session at the Sui Paris Builder House, or the online session via video conference
  • Teams will compete for Category (4x), Best Overall and Community Favorites awards and prizes
  • The total prize pool is US$285,000

Why Participate

  • Access to dev workshops, office hours, technical support and mentoring with Sui Foundation teams, KuCoin Labs and other hackathon partners and supporters, as a part of the seven week hackathon programming
  • Guidance on funding applications for the Sui Foundation Developer Grant Program
  • Business development, fundraising, other incubation-focused workshops, and one-on-one mentoring hosted by KuCoin Labs, with the chance to be accepted into its incubator program
  • Co-marketing activities and exposure within the broader Sui ecosystem
  • Co-marketing opportunities and access to Kucoin Labs’ media partners and network


  • The project must be deployed on Sui mainnet, testnet or devnet, or have otherwise integrated with Sui
  • Participating projects must be either a new project on Sui, or an established project that’s implementing a well-defined new feature or redesign within the hackathon period
    • To ensure an even playing field, features implemented before the hackathon period will not be considered during judging
  • Teams must be able to participate in the demo day on July 19th either in-person at Sui Paris Builder House or through the online session
  • A member of the project team must pass KYC to receive any prizes


Registration – May 29th to July 5th

  • Fill out the hackathon registration form, and join the hackathon Slack workspace through the invite in the registration acknowledgement email for coordination of the contest and related communication and updates

  • Participants may registered as a project or as an individual seeking a team, but only projects will be eligible for shortlisting

  • Individuals seeking a team can update their existing registration or create a new team registration after they have formed or joined a team

Shortlisting – June 5th to July 12th

  • Shortlisted projects are selected from the pool of registered projects by a committee of scorers chosen from the Sui Foundation, KuCoin Labs, partners and supporters based on a pre-set rubric
  • Projects will be evaluated on a number of criteria including Conception, Technical Implementation, Product Design, Creative Use of Sui Features, Real Life Impact, etc. 
  • Shortlisting is on a rolling basis, with weekly or biweekly cadence on announcing new shortlisted projects

Demo Day – July 19th

  • Shortlisted teams can participate in the Demo Day either in-person at Sui Paris Builder House, or online through video conferencing
  • Each team will be given X minutes of time to demo. The team can distribute the time how they wish, but it’s recommended to leave a minute or two for Q&A from the audience and the judge panel
  • Results will be announced on the same day after the conclusion of both online and in-person demo sessions

Awards and Prizes

Category Awards

We want to allow participants maximum freedom in building something they want and can be proud of. So there will be no specific hackathon bounties, but only contest categories that cover most types of applications.

  • Infrastructure and Tooling
    • Infrastructure primitives and developer tooling that anyone can utilize and leverage are some of the most important  foundational building blocks for an ecosystem
    • Build any infrastructure application or developer tool for Sui Network or Sui Move to enter this category
  • NFT, Social and DAO
    • NFT’s and DAO’s form the social fabrics of web3; what can you do with dynamic NFTs on Sui? what type of social interactions can be created?
    • Create any NFT, social, DAO or governance related application to enter this category
  • Gaming and AIGC
    • Gaming has the best chance of bringing in the next wave of mass consumers into crypto; ChatGPT agrees
    • Make something fun and cool that people would wanna kick back and play with, or something infinitely regenerative with AIGC, or both
  • DeFi and Payments
    • Transactions and markets underlie every interaction on a blockchain, and form the basis for the rest of the ecosystem
    • Experiment with Sui Move and its asset centric model, and see what it brings to the table for DeFi and ownership in general  
    • Create any DeFi, payment or wallet type application to enter this category

Each of these four categories will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as determined by a panel of judges. Each team may only enter for one category award. The prizes for the winners in each category are:

  • 1st Place Category Award: US$20,000
  • 2nd Place Category Award: US$10,000
  • 3rd Place Category Award: US$5,000

Crème de la Crème Award (Best Overall)

The panel of judges will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the best overall projects across all categories, the ‘Crème de la Crème’:

  • Best Overall 1st place: US$50,000
  • Best Overall 2nd place: US$30,000
  • Best Overall 3rd place: US$15,000

Community Favorites Award

  • A total prize pool of US$50K, distributed evenly among the top 10 projects as voted for by the community


Existing and established projects on Sui are eligible to participate in the hackathon by implementing a well-defined new feature or redesign during the hackathon period. Features implemented before the start of the hackathon will not be considered during the judging process to ensure a level playing field.  

Similar to established projects on Sui, multi-chain projects integrating with Sui can participate by implementing a well-defined new feature during the hackathon period. The integration itself can be considered to be a part of the new feature. 

Similarly, features implemented before the start of the hackathon will not be considered during the judging process. 





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